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Hello i have a problem because when i created my account i was uder influence of my mother that i must not use my real information on internet under any curtainstance(so i created a fake one using random first name and my fauvorite animal(whitch doesnt live even at continent where i am from outside zoos). Now i am adult have realised that it was a major mistake since i have spent no small ammount of money on this account and i would truely regret if anything happened to it.
I can provide:

-Scan of my ID or ISIC
-Codes to all my retail purchases and maybe some game card codes(probably could find even a reciet not sure on that however)
-mobile authenticator
-SMS security thing should work
-in past year or so i started to use mother's paypal

I know this is probably not the right place but i didn't know where to post this question since on support page it requires the current holder's whitch doesn't exist because the name is fake and i didn't find any way to contact support directly( email, phone, etc...)
Just put your ID there and explain the situation in the description field. :)
Hey Eeraracya,
You'll need to submit the information through the support site.

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So, how does this work when you forgot your secret question and answer?
Note that this is not mine.A family member that doesnt want to expose his account asked me to post this.Please give some help.Thanks!
Whatever you read below are not my words :)

I made that mistake too. :(


First of all I have 2 names(lets say I am "Bill Jason Miller" and my battlenet name is:
1st Name: Bill
Last Name: Jason
(so I didnt use my real last name but my real 1st & 2nd name)

I can provide:
-Government ID
-Old passwords
-Game keys
-Used pre-paid card code
-You can see that I have correct contact info (address etc.)
-Credit card last 4 nums
-Secret question
-Authenticator restore code
-I have sms & auth. Protection

Are these enough?Also is a ban possible?
(so I didnt use my real last name but my real 1st & 2nd name)

That may allow them (support) some leverage to help. They will help with obvious fake names like mickey mouse for example. In this case, your friend has at least used 2 of 3 of their real names which I think will likely help. They should contact support directly via ticket, attach a scan of some ID which shows their real name including the 2 they have provided and take it from there, the game keys and address will also help prove ownership.

Support staff are not like the NSA, if they can help, they will help, but they won't send him to prison... :)
31/03/2017 00:00Posted by Shammoz
(so I didnt use my real last name but my real 1st & 2nd name)

Support staff are not like the NSA, if they can help, they will help, but they won't send him to prison... :)

I don't know about the support staff (if they handle the forum bans i know for them too, because i got 1 week ban for mocking blizzard using a soviet russia joke, apparently i used "hate speech" against our brothas)
but i know about the devs, SADISTS

Someone felt like "WUT? ppl using AP items on the move, i must write code for this, there will be no more time saving privileges"
i know ppl blame the devs for everything, and they are wrong, you can't blame for big picture stuff, but this, THIS! who thinks this stuff?
the NSA may waste their time on me but they wouldn't waste MY TIME
.....and intelligence services don't have authority to send people to prison, maybe to a psych ward, indirect ;)
Thanks a lot this is very helpful.
So you mean he probably wont be banned right?He can provide email verification too.

(He's my nephew btw.)
Is it better to contact them once for age change and once for name change separately or one time for both.
I would do both. If he has a birth certificate for the age thing, that would help.
Wont just ID help?It has his age on it.
If the ID has age/date of birth it should be fine.
The necro is real ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

For this kind of thing it is necessary to contact the in-game account support.

Also please do not necro posts!

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Take care.

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